The basis for all good photos - is the cooperation between the customer and teh photographer. Portrait photography, love-story, commercial order, studioshoot, reportage - every genre requires its own unique approach. We offer all kinds of genre photography.

Our services:

- Studio photography - Shooting in the studio - the ability to be anywhere, from a studio.

- Scenic photography - Life is made up of scenes. The plot, is constantly changing. Some want to forget, some want to stop and remember it forever. Scene - an opportunity to look at ourselves in the most important moments ones life.

- Wedding photography - Wedding - an event which is called the day a memorable one.

- Family shoot - format, which we remember since our grandmother's albums. Funny toddler in diapers, serious grandparents, who are looking into the camera accurately. Today the photography is more accessible, all of us have hundreds of pictures on our phones. However, most likely the will never ever be printed and glued into our family albums. Most often, they are either deleted, freeing up space for new photos, or thrown away, with the advent of the new phone. We offer you to capture those moments, which will be perfect for your family albums.

- Newborns and grownup children - your child is growing every minute, we can help capture those moments.

- Shooting of commercial buildings and premises - Office building, factory, apartment house - objects that you want to show from the best angle. The price of a successful pictures -  is successful transaction. We are ready to make your objects more interesting to capture additional attention of potential buyers.


- Workflow / production / construction and so on. - Workflow - the process of creation - that is usually hidden from the human eye.

- Subject / advertising photography - one of the most labor-intensive and responsible processes for the photographer. We are ready to show your product in most apealing way.

- Car photography -  car is an inanimate personality, with its own character and charisma.

- Reportage shoot of your event - presentation, concert, exhibition, recital, flashmob, anniversary - as a rule, not all have the opportunity to attend an event organized by you.

- Pets photography. Pets - are family members, no less important and dear to our hearts. Their photos are worthy to take place in the family album. As well as family albums, we can offer pets photography for your kennel advertisment.

- Travel Photography. Forget grey city, drop everything and go to a completely different scenery - Rome, Paris, Bali, Madagascar, Cuba.


Props (in addition to what is in the studio), make-up, stylist  and other extras is paid by the customer.